A successful board meeting leads to more effective decision-making, better productivity and time-management skills and improved collaboration, bringing companies closer to their goals. However, facilitating a productive and efficient board meeting requires a fluid agenda structure, a suitable template for the board book, and clear governance procedures.

Set clear goals for meetings and communicate them to members ahead of time. This will allow everyone to plan and prioritize discussion topics. Meetings that are too long or ineffective can be avoided. Concentrate on the issues rather than updates. Also, make sure that meetings do not exceed 30 minutes per topic to keep discussions on track and reduce meeting fatigue.

It is important to clearly communicate the manner in which decisions will be made during the meeting, including whether by consensus, voting or a different method. Encourage open discussions and respect differing opinions, but be frank about difficult topics or bad news. If you’re required to utilize a formal voting procedure be sure that the procedure is clearly laid out and has a predetermined number of votes required for a decision to be considered https://onlineboardmeeting.org to be agrement. The meeting minutes can accurately keep track of the votes, allowing for accountability and follow-up.

After the meeting, recap all the decisions that were made and then create a list action items that the chief officer could present to their department. This will reinforce the new strategies agreed on and ensure that every department is implementing these goals. In subsequent meetings, you will review and evaluate these actions to create a culture of accountability.

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